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1. Company Documents

Storage of company documents

Emergency telephone lists
Document amendments register
Health and Safety Policy
Business continuity plan
Public liability insurance
Vehicle insurances
Company certificates

Plus 16x additional storage spaces

Reminders are set for expiring documents
Always available and easy accessible

2. Roles and Responsibilities

PCBU Responsibilities
Manager responsibilities
Safety co-ordinator responsibilities
Safety representative and committees
Worker responsibility

Records of management meetings

Company organisational and reporting structure (Organogram)

Numbers refer to the Act or Regulation.

Custom and non-construction appointments available.

Includes competency declaration.

Commonly used documents are pre-selected.

3. Workers and Representation

Storage of personnel documents

Personal detail
Position in company / team
Contact details
Next of kin details
Training and competency register
Good health questionnaire
pre-employment screening
Exit screening
Functions of the Health and Safety Rep.
Health and safety meeting agenda
Health and safety committee minutes
Health and safety rep report

Visitor lists
Safety warning letters issued
Disciplinary action program

Reminders are set for expiring documents
Always available and easy accessible

4. Policy

Company Policy Statements

Occupational health and safety policy
Safety review policy
Workplace policy
Worker participation policy

Health monitoring policy
Working at height and rescue policy
Safety disciplinary policy
Waste management policy
Drugs and alcohol policy
Smoking policy
Environmental policy
Noise policy
PPE Policy
Health and safety committee policy
Covid-19 policy
Vision check policy
Work stoppage policy

Master documents are editable.
Individual project policy documents can be edit to suit.
Master documents content can be replaced with own company policy.

5. Plans, Review and Evaluation

Storage of personnel documents

Health and safety objectives
Process to review Health and safety management
Detailed safety plan
Fatigue management plan
Waste management plan
Traffic management plan
Environmental plan
Noise evaluation
Audit – Own Site Safety Plan
Audit – Own Safety management system
Audit – Own KPIs
Audit – Roles and responsibilities
Audit – Workplace safety inspection
Audit – Own Site Safety Plan
SWP Inspections and review/span>
Risk monitoring and review
Trends in safety
Safety appreciation and evaluation
Trends – Leading and lagging indicators

Trends – Injuries
Trends – Behavioural observations

Training certificate creator

Sample master plan documents are supplied
Replace with your own or edit to suit.

6. Procedures

Preparations for an Emergency

Document control procedure
SWP Review procedure
Vehicle and plant maintenance procedure
Rehabilitation procedure for injured workers
LOTO Procedure
Noise management procedure
Worker involvement procedure
Internal systems audit procedure
Equipment maintenance procedure
Procedure to create a site safety plan
Behavioral observations procedure
Site safety inspections procedure
Safety meetings procedure
Safety training procedure
Safety recommendations procedure

Reminders are set for expiring documents
Always available and easy accessible

7. Hazards and Risk Management

Identify hazards and setup procedures to reduce or eliminate the risk

Hazard and risk management process
Types of risk
Hazard identification methods
Hazard identification
Hazard / Risk register
Hazard management procedure
TA Task Analysis / JSA Job Safety Analysis
Work method statements
Types of control methods
Hazardous work form
PTW Permits to work
Hot works permit
Safety signs
Pre-purchase agreement
heat stress evaluation
Noise report
Fall protection plan

Reminders are set for expiring documents
Always available and easy accessible

8. Hazardous Substances

Hazardous substances register
SDS Sheets
Management of hazardous substances

Reminders are set for expiring documents
Always available and easy accessible

9. Training and Induction

Worker handbook
Training procedure
Refresher training procedure
Training and competency register
Skills competency training matrix
Safety education training matrix
Safety training program
Safety training table
Safety training course list
Management and supervisor skills training

Job skills competency training program
Job skills course list
Site briefing and toolbox talks
Toolbox talks – training subjects
SOP – Safe Operating Procedures
SOP – Storage of signed documents
SWP – Safe Work Procedures
SWP – Storage of signed documents
STI – Safe Task Instruction forms
Induction training and supervision information
Internal and external training

Complete copy of the Act
or link to download

10. Incidents and Accidents

Near miss policy and procedure
Incident classification and procedure
Incident investigation and notifiable events
Incident investigation procedure

Incident and injury register
Near miss and incident report
incident investigation

First aid treatment register
Incident tracking and correction

Incident investigation forms are linked to the incident report form
Reported incident can feature on incident trend graphs

11. Emergency

Emergency contact numbers
General emergency plan and procedures
Activity specific emergency plan and procedures
Emergency response plan
Evacuation floor plan (10x)
Evacuation drill report
Emergency evacuation template
Emergency floor plan layout
Emergency plan guidelines

Scan colour floor plans and place onto the system

12. Contractor management

Contractor list and detail
Contractor appointment procedure
Contractor management procedure
Contractor minimum health and safety requirements
Contractor pre-qualification procedure
Contractor pre-qualification checklist
Site specific safety agreement
Contractor induction checklist
Contractor site safety observation form
Contractor safety KPI report
Contractor SSSP audit
Post contract evaluation form
project control meetings record
Contractor pre-start meeting detail

All components are to try and ensure subcontractors have sufficient safety systems and procedures in place to ensure they work safely on your site

13. Registers

Registers and Recording of Equipment

PPE Issued register
Tools and equipment register
Ladder register
Barricade register/span>
Daily plant register
Fire fighting equipment register
First aid box content register

Print and record data on a monthly or weekly basis
Always available and easy accessible

14. Inspections and Checklists

A wide range of inspections and checklists

Covid-19 health check
First aid inspection kit
Vehicle inspection and maintenance
Tool and equipment inspection
PPE Use audit
Safety harness inspection
Environmental inspection
Housekeeping inspection
Motorised plant and equipment inspection
Trailer checklist
Mobile crane inspection
Ladder inspection
Scaffold inspection
Formwork inspection
Excavations inspection
Workplace safety inspections

Reminders are set for expiring documents
Always available and easy accessible