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Keep your safety management system updated for compliance and create new documents quickly


SSSP – Site Specific Safety Plan

Build a SSSP quickly.

A Site Specific Safety Plan – SSSP – is a set of documents layoung out a detailed safety plan for a specific project.

These can take much time to create.

The SMS Safety Software system allows you to create a Site Specific Safety Plan quickly.

All the master content is already setup on your safety management system.

A dedicated SSSP section allows you to select the documents you need.

Once done, at a click of a button, the SSSP all the relevant documents can be printed to paper or pdf*.

A Site Specific Safety Plan is generally required when you are working on a larger project for a Principal Contractor.

Prequal / Pre-qualification Certification

These can take up many hours of your time

Certification with an independent Prequal company, like Impac, ISN, Totika, Sitewise is a common way for an employer to learn the level of your company Safety Management System (SMS).

SMS Safety Software has a dedicated section to complete the requirements of a Prequal – specifically Impac – level 2 to 4.
Follow the links, step by step, to match relevant documents which match the Prequal.
There is also a guide on what to do.

Remember, to score well, you need to prove that you have a system that is established, compliant, up to date, relevant, ongoing, and above all, communicated to your workers.

SMS Safety Software has a wide range of documents to assist with the Prequal.

Health and Safety Consultant

Do you need help?

We are health and safety specialists who offer the service of performing a gap analysis on your existing safety management system, and we have a range of solutions to assist.

As a health and safety consultant, we can assist you with creating risk analysis, safe work procedures, safe operating procedures.

As a Health and Safety Consultant you can use the PRO option for managing the health and safety system of all your clients. Save yourself many hours of work.

Site Safe

Create a robust system to assist with your Site Safe / SiteWise

Site Safe is a well respected training and accreditation organization.

Did you know that holding a valid Site Safe Card or Site Safe Card does not absolve you from liability and prosecution in the event of an accident?

A hefty fine may be issued by WSNZ (Work Safe New Zealand) if your company Safety Management System (SMS) is not up to date.

Are your training procedures documented, reviewed, relevant and current?

The SMS Safety Software system can help you with that.

Likewise with risk registers, hazard identification, and preparation of all the documents you need to become compliant.

This will also help you with your SiteSafe renewal, or Site Safe Card application.

Remember, Site Safe does not responsible your internal safety systems – you are!

We can help you setup and a suitable level of Health and Safety management that will allow you to keep it up to date and relevant.

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