Standard and custom solutions available

DIY or Assisted


Option 1

SMS Safety Software System

Basic version – PC Based

Most cost effective!

Small to medium company/contractor.
Unlimited sites.
Work on different sites all the time.
Safety file generally done by one person in the office or home.
Digital download.

Includes support.

NZ$790 per year

Unlimited projects


Price excludes GST

Option 2

Premium online option.

Quickest and best system…

Health and safety specialist who manages the safety system for other clients.

Online access to data using web browser.
Automatic bulk pdf creation of SSSP.
Direct system access for one user
Allows for remote access.
Allows for multiple user access – web browser.
Includes backup system.
Includes automatic system updates.

$2790 per year


Training, guidance and consultative backup for the Safety Management System will be available as required over the 12 month period (email, phone, Skype, Teamviewer).
The intention is for your company to have the knowledge and confidence to take ownership and responsibility of its Occupational Health and Safety  commitments.

Your company will need to ensure that adequate time and resources are allocated to a dedicated Health and Safety Co-ordinator over this 12 month period to achieve a satisfactory result.

The company health and safety co-ordinator is responsible for setting up activity specific documents, like ‘Safe work procedures’, which should be compiled after consultation with the workers responsible for performing the tasks. These need to be reviewed on a regular basis. The same applies to hazard/risk assessments and safe operating procedures.

Adding personnel details, together with training certificates is the responsibility of the user. Pending expiry and renewal dates are displayed when the system is accessed.

Additional services are available upon request. POA.

**Renewal is optional. A reminder will be sent to you 14 days before expiry.

Are you setting up as a Health and Safety Specialist?

QSafe PRO will allow you to setup systems for other companies.

You can edit and update online and ensure your clients safety documentation is always up to date.